Monday, January 2, 2012

#5 Picture Time [ Daring ]

What you do is set up the self timer on your camera and take a few pics of you in boy mode, facial snaps are perfect for this purpose. Take ones of you outside your place or near landmarks also. Then take ones of you applying make up, step by step (usually 5 or 6 pics) until you have a fully feminized face. Next, set it up again so you can capture yourself dressing in girls underwear, panties, bra, stockings, etc, before applying your wig. Always ensure that your clean shaven all over beforehand so you look quite feminine and reasonably attractive in your pics. After that choose various outfits and pose in each of them for the camera until the Card (digital) is full.  You can be as raunchy as you want in the pics as long and as you are not too explicit then you'll have no problems. Now simply choose your outlet and hand them in remembering to give your REAL name and address to the female assistant. When you are due to collect the photos it's to yourself how you want to play this. 1-You can either go in on boy mode and look slightly embarrassed as they search for your items. or 2-You can go in sissy mode with light make up, perfume and jewelery. Whatever option you choose will provide you with enough humiliation memories to last you for a few weeks. I've had to stand and wait in shops as the predominantly young female assistants "searches" for my photos before asking me to check over them in front of her to make sure they're mine. I know that no doubt the assistants have already looked through my pics themselves and seen the content, but I still enjoy the thrill of leafing through them myself in front of them. In sissy mode this is even more exciting because it gives the girl more time to look you over and see what you are wearing.  If they do not ask you to check the photos ask to check them yourself as last time the color was off, look through them. Consider picking up another memory card if the sales girl offers as this will give her more time to check you out if your in sissy attire like gurl jeans and a blouse covering yor panties and bra, maybe with your nice shoes on too?? (or boots for winter) Have fun!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

#4 The Grapefruit [ intermediate]

 The Grapefruit

Step 1 – On your next shopping day, ( which had better be to-fucking-day), make sure you pick up some grapefruits. They are rich with vitamin C and fun to play with.
    Step 2 – When you sissy girls get home, put away your groceries and get one deliciously ripe grapefruit.
    Step 3 – Strip naked and sit in a comfy chair or go to your bedroom and sit on the bed, have the grapefruit with you.
    Step 4 – Take the fruit in your hands, close your eyes lifting it to your nose and breathing in the rich and tangy citrus odor. Keep your eyes shut and softly lick the outside of the grapefruit.
    Step 5 – While your tongue is caressing the peel, reach a hand down between your legs and fondle your pathetic sissy nub until it is hard and throbbing.
    Step 6 – When your girly stick aches for release, savagely use your fingers to make a hole in the ripe grapefruit and make a space big enough to fit your sissy clit inside as far as you can .
    Step 7 – Stroke your sissy bitch nub until you are ready to squirt, then push it inside the fruit as far as it will go and spew your juice deep inside.
    Step 8 – Repeat steps 3 to 7 for three days and then chill the fruit in your fridge.
    Step 9 – On the fourth day, take the grapefruit out of the fridge, cut in half and suck all the cum out before eating every bite of the tasty fruit.
    Step 10 – Send  photos of you sucking your cum wads from the fruit and tell me how much you enjoyed the tangy, citrus tasting splooge.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

#3 The Panty Girdle [Beginer]

Every sissy needs some pantyhose and a panty girdle. So here is Another shopping assignment.

1. Put on one of your bras, your regular panties, and one of your blouses.
2. Put on boy shoes, socks, and slacks.
3. Put on some lipstick.
4. Now go to a store like Walmart and buy a pair of pantyhose to fit you. This is the only item you are to buy. Take them to the check out and pick a check out where a female is working.
As you pay for them ask the clerk if she thinks that they will look good on you.
5. Take your purchase to your car.
6. Go back into the store and look for a panty girdle (Walmart has some that range from $3.00 to $5.00). Pick out a pretty one that will fit you. As you go to the check out make sure you carry your panty girdle out in front of you in full view for every one to see.
7.Go to a check out where a different female clerk is working and buy your panty girdle. Ask her if she thinks that this will look good on you.
8. Now go home and remove all of your boy clothes and your blouse and put your pantyhose on over your panties. Then put your panty girdle on over your pantyhose. We are going to call this your sissy outfit. While you are dressed this way compose and send me an e-mail telling me about your assignment and describing the feelings you had while carrying out this assignment.

Have a great sissy day and enjoy your assignment.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

#2 A Sissys Diary Assignment [Beginer]

A Sissy Diary

Every sissy needs a way to keep track of her training. Otherwise, how is her progress to be measured? The best way to monitor your progress is with a physical diary, so that you can write down anything important immediately and be sure not to forget any vital details. A good sissy will use a girl's locking diary. They're very small and I'm sure you can find someplace private to stash it. Keep it inside an opaque bag for extra security if you must.

Of course there will always be girls who are unable or unwilling to keep something so incriminating in the physical realm. For those girls, an online diary (with appropriate links to your Mistress, of course!) will have to do. I recommend using It can be set to adult mode in a much more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing way than LiveJournal and has a number of useful widgets built in, as well as a number of attractive, free themes.

Things that should be written in your journal:

    Rules for sissies: add more as you receive them
    An entry for each assignment you complete: record how it went, your feelings, etc.
    An entry for each sissy wanking session: rate your orgasm on a scale of 1 to 5 and give details of what made it a sissy wanking session
    Any special thoughts you have about being a sissy or the Mistress: use it like a regular diary and record your most secret feelings about your sissyhood

Sunday, December 4, 2011

#1 Basic Shopping Assignment [Beginer]

Okay, here's a basic shopping assignment for you. It's important that you follow these instructions as closely as possible.

You have exactly 21 days from the moment you read this to buy:
2 matching sets of bra and panties
3 pairs of pantyhose
1 pair of plain black pumps
1 pair of clear plastic mules (slides)
A nightie
3 dresses: one black, one pink, and one red
One other feminine clothing item of your choice

You will also buy the following makeup, in whichever colour you like:
Eye shadow
Eye liner
Nail polish

You are to take photos of all of these items and post them here.